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What are the different types of fire sprinkler system?

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Derrick N. Stowers
There are a few different types of domestic sprinkler systems including:

- Wet Pipe Systems
In these type of systems are triggered by temperature or by somebody breaking the plug. Then, the water standing by in the pipes is released through the sprinkler heads

- Dry pipe systems
In dry pipe systems, the pipes are empty and filled when the valve is released. They are triggered by temperature from fires in much the same way as the wet pipe systems

- Deluge systems
Deluge systems are often used in areas like warehouses where fire could quickly accumulate. The valves will be activated when the alarm or smoke detector alerts the system and will flow faster and heavier than some other systems

- Pre-action systems
Pre-action systems are a mixture of the systems mentioned above. They usually are used in areas that may incur damage from water flow

by Derrick N. Stow...  2 years ago

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What are the different types of fire sprinkler system?

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